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Once a beautiful and magnificent castle, Oswald's home is now partially in ruins, having been dissolved in the great Thinner Disaster. Parts of it seem to defy gravity, at least to anyone unfamiliar with toon physics. There are statues, paintings, and stained glass murals of Oswald, his girlfriend Ortensia, and various places from Wasteland all through the castle.
Oh yeah, and chandeliers. Lots and lots of chandeliers. It even gets mentioned in-game how Oswald has a lot of chandeliers.

Bottom level: Mad Doc's former laboratory

Just what you'd expect, a giant laboratory... with a bunch of broken machinery in the middle. There's also a giant hole in the wall here, where the Moonliner rocket crash landed soon before Oswald came to Ink City.  Makes a nice door, but it's not very secure.

(Oh yeah, what an awesome portrait of Oswald. He's a king, yanno.)

Throne room:

Fairly basic, a long rectangular-shaped room with a throne at one end. It has two levels, and along all of the walls there are large paintings. Some are happier than others. Most of the paintings are at least partially dissolved, as well as large portions of the floor. Watch your step, especially up on the second level.

(Throne room starts at 5minutes20seconds)

Fireworks Control Tower:

A large, open-air, circular room, high in the castle. It's where Oswald used to set off fireworks every night in Wasteland, before the Thinner Disaster. On one side there is an empty pedestal, where the petrified remains of Ortensia stood before the castle was transported to the City.

There are many other rooms, all following the same 'half dissolved, random Oswald portraits' theme as these. Use your imagination. It's a castle, lots of space, even if half of it is dissolved.
Currently, Oswald and Ortensia live here.


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