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Name:  Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
From: Epic Mickey

Age: 84, though mentally and emotionally in his 30s.
Gender: Male

Personality: Oswald is adventurous, often mischievous, and very competitive. Though he is at his core very kindhearted -- as kindhearted as one can be without actually having a heart -- it can often take him a while to trust someone, especially if it's someone he believes has wronged him in some way. And boy oh boy, can he hold a grudge. 
Backstory: Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks created Oswald the Lucky Rabbit in 1927 while working for Universal. However, due to a budget-related dispute, Oswald was stolen and Disney went on to create some mouse named Mickey as a replacement. Though he tried to hold on to his celebrity, Oswald was no match for Mickey's rising fame, and soon fell into the shadows and was forgotten. The magician Yen Sid created the Wasteland, a world for all of the forgotten toons, such as Oswald, to live peacefully. Oswald soon became crowned the king of the Wasteland, and he lived there happily for many years with his 420 children and his girlfriend, Ortensia. Though he had no Heart (for a toon's Heart only exists if they are loved by their fans) and thus no hope of escape back to the real world, he at least had them. Not, of course, that this stopped him from trying everything he could think of to earn back his Heart, but let's just say that's a hobby.

This all changed one day when the Wasteland came under attack from the Shadow Blot, and giant, evil entity, and the Great Thinner Disaster, a tidal wave of paint thinner that destroyed everything in its path. Oswald went up against the Shadow Blot, but at the last moment, Ortensia sacrificed herself and was placed in a statue-like sleep. Oswald did manage to seal the Blot in a jar atop Mickeyjunk Mountain, but drippings still leak out, forming Blotlings that wreck havoc in the already destroyed world.

To top it all off, the Mouse himself arrives one day. Mickey Mouse, the man who stole away Oswald's life, in the Wasteland. Sure, he was trying to help fix everything, but just as Oswald is ready to forgive him... Mickey lets slip he is the cause for the Thinner Disaster. Enraged, Oswald accidentally breaks the cork holding the Shadow Blot in the bottle, and it escapes, even larger this time than it was before. It catches Oswald and Gus and forces Mickey to trade his Heart for their lives. Now they must all three work together to not only defeat the Blot, but get Mickey's heart back so he can go home.

Moral Standing: Oswald is essentially good, though he can get carried away and has a tendency towards selfishness, which frequently could be seen as not quite so kind. He really means well, and only wants the best for (most) people.
Dreams: Oswald has always wanted little more than for his Heart to be returned to him so he could leave the Wasteland and finally resume his life of cartoon stardom. However, since the thinner disaster he has also longed for the Wasteland to be returned to its former glory and his darling Ortensia to be healed.
Fears: Oswald is very insecure about being forgotten. He's scared he'll be stuck forever in the Wasteland, forgotten in the shadow of Mickey's fame. He also fears he may never be able to repair the Wasteland.
Extra: He can detach his body parts, if the need arises, such as taking off his fluffy tail to use as a sponge for spills.


Writing Sample: http://secretsinspaace.livejournal.com/25474.html?thread=1518210#t1518210 If you need a longer example just let me know and I will gladly provide!

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